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Rise ‘N’ Shine, It’s Mofo Time!

Except that Vegan Mofo 2015 came and left without me.  I forgot to get on the bus. Last week as I researched it, I could not find a deadline for signing up, so, I went on my merry way. Apparently … Continue reading

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Oh She Glows Chickpea Salad

I received Angela Liddon’s cookbook The Oh She Glows Cookbook for Christmas. I followed her blog back in the day, but lost interest for what I recall was posting about non vegan recipes and general randomness. But the photography was always really … Continue reading

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Retro Saturday: Anti-Oxidant Twice Baked Potatoes

Who doesn’t love potatoes? From that select group, who doesn’t love twice baked potatoes? Mmmmm, but wait, what about all that cheese and nastiness? No need to fear, the Plant Powered Lab is on the job. Here is a potato … Continue reading

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Top Vegan Rice Cakes

  These are my top three vegan Allen Lim style rice cakes that were recently tested in the field by century riders on a charity bike ride. The one caveat about these recipes is that they contain beans, and that added … Continue reading

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Rice Cakes Save the Century Riders!

Regular visitors know how much I love rice for training and racing. Recently, my sister organized a charity bike ride in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County, California. We had nearly 150 riders to feed on courses ranging from … Continue reading

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Taco Cleanse On the Go: Bento Tacos

I ventured out of Copper Canyon ingredients today for a between class taco snack with Asian ingredients and flavors. Appropriately, I packed them in a little steel bento box. Who says tacos must be Mexican? Any sort of tasty filling … Continue reading

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Work With It Wednesday: Nopales

After reading up a little on the Tarahumara and their diet for last year’s Vegan Mofo, I discovered an ingredient that I was dying to try, nopales, or nodal cactus. That’s right, cactus. Actually, a common cactus found throughout the … Continue reading

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