Vegan MoFo Day 4: Weird Food




I don’t think I do any really weird food combinations that are unique to me.




But I do like some combinations that may seem strange to most Americans, but not so much elsewhere.

Number 1:

Watermelon with chili powder.

The first time I saw someone do this I was intrigued. Totally normal in Mexico, intact Tajin is a chili based seasoning intended specifically for fruit. I thought that hot and sweet and fruity would be weird. But it’s really tasty! Chili and mango is also really good.

Number 2:

Natto and Avocado


Natto is a weird fermented soybean dish that is slimy and gooey all at once. It’s really weird, and most non-Japanese run in horror. It has a very distinctive smell, taste and texture that most find appalling. I like it. Traditionally it is mixed with a little Asian hot mustard and soy sauce and served over rice. Not so traditionally, you can add slices of avocado. Rich food not appropriate fro every day or everybody, but an odd sort of tastiness.

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