Vegan MoFo Day 3: Simple, Easy, Delicious


A common criticism people have of a vegan diet is that it is too difficult. Too time consuming. Too much chopping. Blah, blah.

That’s why I like The Starch Solution.


Pick a staple starch you enjoy, like potatoes, or rice. Add some veggies you like, season as you like, done!


Boiling or baking potatoes is easy. Cooking rice is easy, though brown rice takes longer. Sauteeing veggies is easy. Seasoning is easy.


That’s on the tongue of the beholder. There’s a world of spices and spice combinations to add tremendous flavor to the mild flavor of starches. No fat needed.

The undisputed heavyweight champ of simple, easy and delicious is Jeff Novick. He outlines the plan in his DVD Fast Food.

The format is simple:

  • A can of no salt tomatoes
  • A can of no salt beans
  • A bag or two of frozen veggies
  • Seasoning
  • A starch as the base

He makes a simple curry, Mexican beans and rice, Cajun beans and rice, and pasta primavera using this template.

I use this often, sometimes using fresh instead of frozen veggies, or combining the two. One of my favorite is Breakfast Potatoes, though they could be eaten any time of day. The only thing that is time consuming is cooking potatoes, but if you’re a die hard McDougaller, you probably always have cooked potatoes on hand. A substitute could be boil in a bag brown rice.


1 bag frozen peppers and onion mix (or use fresh equivalent)

1 can black beans, drained and rinsed

1 lb (or more) cooked, chunked potatoes

Seasonings: salt, pepper, onion/garlic powder, chili powder, cumin

Optional Garnishes: diced tomato, salsa, or hot sauce


Dump the frozen veggies in a large skillet or pot and heat through. If using fresh, sauté in some water until as done as you like. Add the seasonings. Use chili powder and cumin for a Mexican flavor, or omit. When the veggies are done, add the beans and potatoes and heat through. Top with whatever garnishes you like. Or wrap in a tortilla. Or serve over rice. Whatever you like, just get that starch!

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