Oh She Glows Chickpea Salad

So good I made two days back to back to back

So good I made two days back to back to back

I received Angela Liddon’s cookbook The Oh She Glows Cookbook for Christmas. I followed her blog back in the day, but lost interest for what I recall was posting about non vegan recipes and general randomness. But the photography was always really good. The cookbook is vegan, so  maybe my memory is suspect. The photography is still excellent, and the recipes, while not perfect are much lower in oil that most cookbooks. Nice to see a little progress there. I tried the “perfected chickpea salad sandwich” and it was awesome. So good I ate it all in one day, then made it the next day!

What makes it better than my usual:

More veggies! Adding chopped red pepper and more celery, onion, and pickle gave it more flavor and crunch that what I’ve done.

Dill! What a great, under appreciated herb. Lots of flavor.

Made a bunch of sandwiches. Next will be to try it as a salad with potatoes and greens.

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