Vegan Unplugged: Review

This was a great book, but not quite what I expected. But that was a good thing. This is a book that I think everyone should own and read, regardless of diet style because of its many useful and potentially life saving lessons.

Let me back up.

When I set out on this Vegan Mofo adventure, I wanted to experiment with different cooking styles to reflect different camping styles, from RVing to backpacking. I looked for existing cookbooks, and only found a couple devoted to backpacking, which I’ll read later. I’m not as interested in backpacking as I used to be. And I found the Robertsons’ book Vegan Unpluggedformerly titled Apocalypse Chow. I prefer the old title, but maybe people got the wrong idea and thought it was a cookbook for zombies. Whatever.

This book is not devoted to camping, but all of the recipes will easily work, except for backpacking. The reliance on canned food would be too heavy. It is not a creepy prepare book either, but a practical manual about how to set up several days worth of tasty meals for travel or shelter in place. In addition to the recipes and ingredients, all you need is plenty of safe drinking water and a reliable one burner stove.

The book is the result of losing power for several days because of a severe Atlantic storm. Stuck in place, the authors were able to cook tasty meals using what was left over, and stored for just that purpose. You don’t have to survive on ramen and PB&J, though there are several ramen recipes.


  • an example of a five day food box, with all ingredients to make different meals, no repeats
  • tips on conserving water and fuel
  • advice on food storage, rotation, and use
  • info on stoves and cooking gear
  • lots of disaster survival tips
  • a zillion great recipes!

You can eat better in an emergency than most folks do in normal conditions.

My takeaways:

I will prepare my own, shorter term and simpler box. Kept at home in case of a blizzard, it can go with me in the VW for camping. I will prep some recipes so that they are ready to go. I will prepare for fresh water availability, as that is the big limiting factor.

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