Same Ingredients, Different Dishes

One of the challenges of cooking in a small space and not a spacious home kitchen is what to do with excess ingredients. I can’t always buy exactly the amount of veggies I need for a dish, and I’m very limited in how much I can store for later. So I wanted to create recipes that use the same ingredients but with different flavors so that while I am actually eating the same thing, it doesn’t taste the same. One of my favorite  healthy, versatile ingredients is green cabbage. It makes a great topping for anything Latin or Southwestern, especially with some lime and salt. It’s great in an Asian stir fry. It makes a good curry. It makes a good salad in the form of a slaw. And while I don’t do it, there are some Eastern European dishes that make good use of it. Another plus is that it keeps forever. Just peel off any wilted outer leaves, or cut off a browning section and you’re good to go. The only problem for my current situation is that often cabbage heads are quite big, and they can overpower my little fridge. So when I buy a cabbage, I need different ways to use it right away.

Here are two:

Curried Cabbage

Curried cabbage

Curried cabbage

Cabbage Stir Fry

Rice cooker, wok, and the resulting stir fry

Rice cooker, wok, and the resulting stir fry

Same ingredients, both served over rice, different seasonings for radically different flavors.


2-3 C coarsely chopped or sliced cabbage

1/3 C sliced onion

2 T each dehydrated peas and carrots

1 clove garlic, sliced

1 slice fresh ginger

pinch red pepper flakes

dash black pepper

For Curry:

add 1-2T curry powder

For Stir Fry:

add more garlic/ginger and 1 T each of rice vinegar and soy sauce


Rehydrate the peas and carrots. Saute in a wok or large skillet with the other veggies and seasonings.  Serve over rice.


Potatoes, garbanzos, or kidney beans would make a nice addition to the curry version. Celery, mushrooms, and tofu would make nice additions to the stir fry.

Yes, that is my home rice cooker. I brought it along for when connected to shore power on the advice of Allen Lim, thinking I would be racing and training a lot. Instead the van had other plans…

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