Taco Cleanse On the Go: Bento Tacos

Bento Tacos!

Bento Tacos!

I ventured out of Copper Canyon ingredients today for a between class taco snack with Asian ingredients and flavors. Appropriately, I packed them in a little steel bento box.

Who says tacos must be Mexican?

Any sort of tasty filling can be wrapped in a tortilla and eaten with one hand. Indian curry, stir fry, NOLA red beans and rice, you get the picture. So this version was using some leftovers, and a fresh garnish.


3 corn tortillas

1/2 C rice pilaf mixed with cooked azuki beans

1/2 C coarsely chopped cabbage and spinach

6 slices cucumber, quartered

1 radish, thinly sliced

a few dashes Japanese noodle sauce , or just a dash of soy sauce, and/or mirin and rice vinegar. I put in a tiny plastic bottle to keep things from getting soggy.

Assembly and Consumption:

Spoon bean/pilaf misture into tortilla, top with greens, drizzle with sauce, EAT!

Feel the power of the Taco Cleanse raise your levels of chi.


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