Easy Quesadilla with The. Best. Cheeze. Sauce.

Easy quesadilla with Pepita Cheese Sauce

Easy quesadilla with Pepita Cheese Sauce

I am a cheese addict.

While that usually manifested itself in a deep love affair with imported European goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses, and selected Alpine cheeses, some other uses were very addictive. Pizza. And quesadillas made with spicy cheese, like pepper jack. Thanks to some enterprising vegans, some pretty good vegan cheese replacements for these dishes can be found. But I’m primarily into this for my health, and so every time I  even think about one of those fatty, oily calamities, I hear Dr. Esselstyn’s voice ringing through my head:


Got it, Ess. Thanks.

I then put the pizza down and resume the regularly scheduled programming of The Starch Solution. My favorite vegan quesadilla so far has been using mashed yams and black beans for a “yamadilla.” Until this point, I’ve avoided even the nutritional yeast based sauces to avoid a trigger and a craving. But this Mofo I’ve been bravely trying them out with mixed success.

I found it.

The. Best. Cheeze. Sauce. Ever.

Made with pumpkin seeds it is definitely rich, so not something to indulge in regularly. Pumpkin seeds have high levels of some useful nutrients: tryptophan, to make serotonin in the brain, and magnesium, and zinc, a couple of minerlas people are often low in. But the taste is so good, that even SAD eaters raved about it and were less enthusiastic about their “real” pepper jack. Score another one for the plants! This would make awesome nacho sauce, especially with the added jalapeno juice option.  I also see using it as a mac ‘n’ cheeze sauce, a topping for veggies or baked potatoes, or a new Plant Powered Performance Lab project, Upgraded Twice Baked Potatoes. Stay tuned, folks.

Here is a link to the original recipe:

Pepita Cheese Sauce

I made a quesadilla with refried beans, this sauce, sliced pickled jalapenos, and salsa. Yum!

Make this sauce today. Make nachos with it and watch your football team lose to mine. You’ll still thank me.

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