Taco Cleanse: Garbage Tacos

Garbage Tacos Get 'em before...

Garbage Tacos
Get ’em before…

In my family we have a long and storied tradition of eating garbage. Not literally, of course, but I suppose it’s all just a matter of timing, right? Even your most valuable possessions today will eventually be garbage. For food, it just happens a little quicker. The nose knows right?

In my family, “garbage” in reference to a dish means using up leftovers to create some sort of new dish. It is not just eating leftovers, because a “garbage” dish is made when are not enough leftovers to make another meal. So the leftovers of multiple dishes, plus any produce that is minutes away from becoming compost resurrect themselves into something new.

The funny thing is, we often like the so called “garbage” better than the originals! Perhaps a few days in the fridge marry the flavors, or some friendly bacteria work their magic. Who knows. But it all started with soup.

Garbage Dishes We Know and Love:

Garbage Soup- the Original. Almost anything can be swallowed up by a big pot o’ broth.

Garbage Stir Fry- This is best for odds and ends of fresh veggies on their last legs. It doesn’t take much, add some stir fry sauce and serve over rice.

Garbage Chili- This one is a little more finicky, as chili does have some rules about ingredients. But a big pot o’chili can swallow up a lot of  leftovers without losing its own personality.

And Now:

Garbage Tacos!

1/2 leftover recipe of calabacitas (a zucchini and corn filling) that was in the freezer

2 small bell peppers that NEEDED to be used, pronto

remainders of one small zucchini, chopped

1/2 small onion, leftover in the fridge

random seasonings

hot chili peppers, whatever is on hand


I added a tofu scramble, to use up some tofu before its expiration date. All this to expand the calabacitas into something useful, and topped it with chopped, wrinkly tomato, and lettuce that was starting to brown.

The Perfect Taco Cleanse!

Not only to the tacos cleanse you, they cleanse the fridge and kitchen of orphaned produce. Taste funny? Add more salsa and hot sauce!

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