Sleepy Sunday: No Huevos Rancheros

No Huevos Rancheros Mas Grande!

No Huevos Rancheros Mas Grande!

After a long Sunday morning run, it’s time to refuel and restock that muscle glycogen with brunch. And what better way than with plenty of slow burning carbohydrate from beans and tortillas. Add some tofu for even more protein to rebuild and repair after a long week, and plenty of phytochemicals from the salsa and refritos and you’ve got a winner. Hey, if it works for the Tarahumara…

Not quite a Taco Cleanse meal here, but close. After all, it’s got the usual suspects, tortillas, beans, salsa, the Holy Trinity of the Taco. But it’s flat. Tacos have one fold for easy manipulation by one hand. Burritos have three or four folds, and thanks to this excellent instructional video, you’re equipped for correct taco identification in the field.

But No Huevos Rancheros have zero folds. It’s all piled up on a plate and requires sitting down at a table with a fork and perhaps a knife to manage. There are different varieties, some using tortillas cut or torn into strips, others using a whole tortilla. My mom always made it the first way, drowning the poor tortilla strips in oil. I chose to make it the second way, constructing a tower of flat taco goodness.

Once again, I borrowed from Mary McDougall, but I don’t think I really looked at the recipe once I started. Part of the practical applications of a Taco Cleanse is that key ingredients can be made in large quantitates and used gradually over time. This makes prep work for an individual meal simpler and easier. For this brunch, I used leftover beans and salsa, from previous tacos, but added a tofu scramble.

Refritos, Tofu Scramble, Salsa, Tortillas

Refritos, Tofu Scramble, Salsa, Tortillas

No Huevos Rancheros
1-2 C cooked beans (canned whole or refried would be fine)
1/2 onion, chopped
1 C chopped peppers of choice (I used both sweet and hot)
1-2 tomatoes, chopped
dash each of paprika, chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder
1 lb firm tofu, drained
a stack of warmed corn tortillas
1 C salsa of choice
optional garnishes: cilantro, minced onion, avocado, hot sauce etc.

To Make the Beans:
Saute onions and peppers for a few minutes to soften, then add tomatoes, beans, and spices. Cook, stir and mash a little to get a refried bean consistency. Add water as needed. I like my refritos a bit chunky, others like it smoother. You be the judge.


To Make the Tofu:
Make a tofu scramble. Whatever you usually do is fine. If you’re new to the world of the tofu scramble, drain tofu and add to a skillet warmed on medium. Using a wooden spoon, break the tofu up gradually so that it resembles scrambled eggs. Add 1/2 t each of garlic and onion powder. Add 1/4 t each paprika and turmeric. Add 1 t mustard, and 1-2 t nutritional yeast. Keep stirring and breaking up the tofu as you add the spices. Season with salt and pepper. Keep cooking until you get the consistency you like, some like drier, others like runnier. Taste and adjust seasoning.

When beans and tofu are done, warm the tortillas. Place one tortilla on a plate, spread with a layer of beans, top with another tortilla. Spread another layer of beans, top with some tofu, top with some salsa, top with any additional garnishes. Serve and enjoy!
You can repeat these layers as high as you like.

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