Rice Cooker Magic: Easiest Pilaf

After trying the rice and red lentil Allen Lim style rice cakes, I had to keep experimenting with using the rice cooker for more than just rice. So I made the easiest pilaf in the world. No picture, since it doesn’t really look like much.


1 rice cooker “cup” white rice (see Note)

1 rice cooker “cup” millet

1 rice cooker “cup” red lentils

Combine in a rice cooker, rinse well, let soak for half an hour, then cook according to your rice cooker’s directions. All ingredients cook in the same time. Use as a base for whatever veggie dish you like.


I used medium grain calrose rice, so this came out sticky so I can make more rice cakes, but if you use long grain basmati rice, it would be fluffier and more like a traditional pilaf. Once cooked, you could mix some peas in like some pilafs.

A Slightly More Difficult Pilaf:


1 rice cooker “cup” white basmati rice

1 rice cooker “cup” red lentils

1 rice cooker “cup” millet

1/4 C each: minced carrot, onion, celery

1 clove garlic, minced

OPTIONAL: green peas, sliced green onion, and/or minced parsley


Rinse the millet, rice and lentils, add the correct amount of water for your rice cooker and let soak while you prep the veggies

Add the carrot, onion, celery, and garlic.

Cook on the white rice setting.

When done, put the pilaf into a serving bowl, add optional ingredients, fluff and serve.

See the possibilities? You could add some chopped nuts and dried fruit with the right spices for a Middle Eastern or Indian pilaf. Peppers and chiles plus the right spices for a Mexican pilaf . . .

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