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Peruvian Purple Antioxidant Super Burrito

The humble potato originated in the Andes mountains of South America, where it has been an important staple food for as long as humans have lived there. These days, quinoa gets all the superfood hype, but the ancient Incas usually … Continue reading

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Rice Cooker Magic: Easiest Pilaf

After trying the rice and red lentil Allen Lim style rice cakes, I had to keep experimenting with using the rice cooker for more than just rice. So I made the easiest pilaf in the world. No picture, since it … Continue reading

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New Allen Lim Rice Cake Veganized!

With the success of the The Feed Zone Cookbook, Allen Lim and Chef Biju are back with more of the most practical recipes, the portable ones. Feed Zone Portables puts real food into your training sessions, and for travel. Whether … Continue reading

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Summer Bean and Potato Salad with Tarragon

With the summer heat blasting the West, hot food is less appealing. Both hot in temperature and hot in spiciness seem inappropriate. But I needed to make use of some of the season’s great produce from the farmer’s market. I … Continue reading

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