The Starch Solution: Slow Cooker Pizza Potatoes

When I bought Dr. John McDougall‘s new book The Starch Solution I was mostly interested in seeing how he explained his diet as a comprehensive lifestyle plan. His recent books have focused more on specific issues: heart health, women’s health and digestive health. The last general purpose explanation of the whole program was twenty years ago. While he frequently reminds us that his program is unchanged going on 35 years, the books seem a bit dated. But now the whole program is laid out very clearly and comprehensively.

The book did not have much new if you have been around the program for awhile. Most of the explanatory material has been covered in his newsletter articles and live presentations. But to have the various topics all in one place is fantastic, and together the chapters paint a complete picture. Most of the recipes were familiar as well, and I was excited to see my favorite tofu taco recipe in print. Now I don’t have to search for it electronically!

But there were a couple of surprises as well.

And the most intriguing recip for me was…

Pizza potatoes in the crockpot!

What on earth is this? Well, if you have any familiarity with the McDougall style, you know potatoes are VERY popular! Prepared like pizza? Why not?

  • Potatoes are the best
  • Pizza is the best
  • Slow cookers are the best

It’s a sure thing right?

Recipe adapted from The Starch Solution p. 309


2 potatoes, scrubbed and sliced thinly on a mandoline

1 large bell pepper sliced in thin strips

1 8 oz. can tomato sauce

1 4 oz can sliced olives

1 fresh tomato sliced thickly

Italian seasoning


Mary layers the ingredients in two layers. Because I used a small round crockpot, I made more layers:

  1. Potato slices
  2. Toppings (pepper slices)
  3. 1/2 the sauce
  4. Potato slices
  5. Fresh tomato slices
  6. Potato slices
  7. More toppings (peppers)
  8. Final potato layer
  9. Remaining sauce and olives.
Halfway through the layers

Halfway through the layers

I mixed the seasonings into the sauce because it was plain. I didn’t have other toppings on hand, but I would liked to have added mushroom slices and spinach.

The finished product

The finished product


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2 Responses to The Starch Solution: Slow Cooker Pizza Potatoes

  1. forkingangry says:

    I was excited to see you cook some tomatoes here! You see my 2013 goal is to eat raw for 30 days in no particular order or even consecutively. But then I got forking angry watching a raw for thirty movie trailer where Woody Harrelson stated, “when you cook vegetables over 115 degrees ALL the enzymes and nutrients are destroyed!” I immediately became forking angry at this ignorance because that statement is simply untrue! For example cooking tomatoes increases lycopene which is a nutrient. So while some things may be lost some good stuff multiplies.

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