Losing Steam with Leftovers, Plus I Really Miss Potatoes

Cooking for one and trying to follow this theme of new dishes has worn me out, and stuffed my fridge and freezer. Instead of leisurely eating my leftovers for a couple of meals, I force myself to move on to the next dish. The bad news is I have a week left, and a bunch of stuff I want to try, but I’m running out of steam. The good news, my freezer is stocked, and since next month is NANOWRIMO, a whole month of creative writing, those freezer meals will come in handy when I want to kill off all my characters and quit.

In the meantime, I miss potatoes. So far, none of the thematic dishes I’ve tried used potatoes, and they are one of my favorite starches. So I rebelled. Instead of more ugali or millet as I promised, I baked a potato and used up leftover beans and veggies to make some room in the fridge. It came together in 10 minutes and tasted good.

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. What do you do when the kitchen is the last place you want to be? How do you stick to good eating when you’re outta gas?

One week to go, keep it up Mofoers!

Vegpedlr out.

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Plant powered off-road triathlete
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One Response to Losing Steam with Leftovers, Plus I Really Miss Potatoes

  1. lachavalina says:

    I was trying to do the “one new dish per week” thing on my blog for a couple of months and ended up with tons of leftovers too! Cooking for one is hard… even scaling back recipes I always get too much and then have random ingredients left over. FWIW, I’ve been enjoying your blog though!

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