Costa Rican Potatoes

It’s time to move on to my next themed section for Vegan Mofo, but I can’t leave Latin America behind! Growing up in California, Latin flavors are my favorite. And lacking some time, I threw together a potato based version of a Costa Rican taco dish. Tacos patatas? We McDougallers are well nown for our love of potatoes, and I’ve been missing them lately. Since potatoes are a New World food, I’m surprised I don’t know of many Latin flavored recipes for them, but here’s one.  I wrapped them in more homemade tortillas, since now that I can make them, I love them! Leftover potatoes were combined with leftover black beans from the day before and some pico de gallo. And of course, plenty of Lizano Salsa. Hmmm, I think I want a straw for that Lizano…

Patatas de Costa Rica

small waxy potatoes, enough for the number of servings you want, diced

4 oz. can diced green chilis

1-2 fresh jalapeno or serrano peppers, minced (optional)

OR a pinch of crushed red pepper

1/2 onion, diced

garlic powder

3/4 t paprika pr chili powder

sliced green onions

chopped cilantro

salt and pepper



Cook onion in a small amount of water until softened. Add potatoes and garlic powder, salt and pepper. paprika and continue to cook. Add water as needed to keep potatoes from sticking, reduce heat, cover and simmer until potatoes are done, about 10-15 min. Stir occasionally, and add water as needed a tablespoon at a time. When potatoes are done, garnish with cilantro and green onions to taste.


Spoon potatoes into a warmed corn tortilla and enjoy!

Other possibilites include adding some beans, salsa, avocado, hot sauce, etc.

Or, keep it simple as I did and eat them out of hand over the sink. Sorry, that’s why there’s no pictures!



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