What Would Rich Roll Do?

The Rich Roll

The Rich Roll

Scott Jurek who provided a recipe at the end of each chapter, Rich Roll wrote a detailed appendix explaining his nutritional approach and the products he recommends. So I could write about Vega, which he likes, but that’s Brendan Brazier’s product, so a subject for another post. I reviewed Rich Roll’s book a few months ago over at vegpedlr.net where my dominant impressions centered on Roll’s ten year battle with alcoholism. When the athletic saga began and Roll changed his diet, he wrote more in general about his eating. I was very impressed when he gave his vegan diet the credit for his great triathlon success. For a Mofo blog centered on this great athlete, I reached back for my dominant impressions:

Green smoothies and the Vitamix
Is there a bigger cliche in the healthy vegan blogosphere?

Greasy Thai Noodles
Poor Rich. Trying to travel between islands and complete an iron distance triathlon each day made eating a real challenge, like in the Tour de France. Even with team support, I was struck with the super athlete having to make do with greasy veggie noodles. I could remake a noodle dish with an Asian flavor, but that will be for Week Four.

Avocado and Mayo Sandwiches
This is what really stood out. What I remembered most. I think Roll eats nothing but avocado sandwiches and green smoothies. Nobody feels avocados like transplant Californians.

So, I decided to take the avocado sandwich and reinvent it. First, the mayo had to go. I’ve never liked mayonnaise. No flavor. Ever see the mayo versus hot sauce episode in Undercover Brother? That’s how I feel. I need a watch with a secret sriracha source. Plus, I follow the nutritional recommendations of doctors like Dr. McDougall and Dr. Fuhrman in eliminating oil, and vegan mayo is usually just oil. But every vegan’s friend, tofu, comes to the rescue! I made a tofu mayo with lemon juice, agave, salt, pepper, and Dijon mustard. Avocado is a nutrient dense whole food, but also very calorie dense. In fact, too dense for me except on occasion. But we here in California love us some avocado. Especially guacamole, which should probably count as a separate food group out here.

So the main ingredients were handled. But I wanted to add more, and get it closer to Rich Roll’s nutritional philosophy. So that meant greens. Rather than a smoothie, I sautéed some kale in water with grated carrot and red pepper strips. I seasoned it all with garlic and onion powder, tamari, and a generous sprinkle of hemp nut seeds. Then I chilled it in the fridge.

Roll liked his sandwiches on Ezekiel bread. But I assembled it differently. I swapped out sliced bread in flavor of tortillas to make wraps.

I Present to You The Rich Roll:
To Assemble:
Warm a tortilla briefly to make more pliable. Spread with tofu mayo. Spread with a handful of salad greens. Spread a layer of kale. Arrange avocado slices or cubes. Roll up and enjoy! Makes a good lunch and travels well.

This combines the avocado and mayo sandwich on Ezekiel of Rich Roll with a Rich Roll inspired double dose of greens. It didn’t power me to triathlon greatness, and it was a bit rich because of the avocado, but tasty enough for an occasional treat.

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5 Responses to What Would Rich Roll Do?

  1. Sounds tasty! And yeah, I wasn’t too interested in the green smoothies, and was a bit grossed out by the prospect of starting each morning with a glass of diluted vinegar 😛

  2. Neal says:

    What is the recipe for the Tofu Mayo?

    Lotsof good recipe ideas here! Good job.

    • vegpedlr says:

      Thanks for stopping by!
      There are a number of recipes in vegan cookbooks, but they basically go like this:
      1 package of silken tofu (the small Mori-Nu)
      mustard, dry or wet (a teaspoon at a time)
      white vinegar
      smidge of sweetener
      smidge of salt
      lemon juice to taste

      Blend everything, adding the ingredients incrementally, tasting as you go. When it tastes good, you’re done! I have never really liked mayo that much, but some recipes need some, and this tofu mayo works.

      • Neal says:

        Thanks! There are a few things I miss Mayo for: Potato salad, cole slaw etc. So hopefully this will work out good.

      • vegpedlr says:

        Since I never really liked mayo, I’m not really concerned with it tasting “authentic.” So I improvise the basic tofu recipe until I like the result. Same thing with tofu “sour cream.” Never really liked the original either. Kinda like my vegan “fish” dishes. I have no idea how the meat versions should taste since I’m allergic to fish.

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