Vegan Mofo Has Begun!

Another year, another month of blogging madness with an herbilicious twist!

The theme for this year is the training table, past and present. Over the next thirty one days and twenty or so posts, I will demonstrate how one can eat a vegan diet that is tasty, fun, easy, cheap, and above all, brilliant for athletes. Train hard, then sit down here at the training table and grub on the best plant based nutrition Mother Nature ever provided.

Get yer train on, then get yer grub on! Go BIG or go . . .

To do this, I will look at some of the inspirational vegan athletes of today, as well as profile some traditional cultures that were not 100% vegan, yet ate a decidedly plant based diet and achieved remarkable athletic feats. I admit my endurance sport bias: not only is that my own personal passion, but it is also where more vegan examples lurk. But for a little balance, I will take a look at some bodybuilders and power athletes. Wherever possible, I will test and blog their favored recipes. Which I may modify. Because of course, I know better! Seriously, who follows recipes anyway?

Week 1: Oct 1-7: Contemporary Role Models

Week 2: Oct. 8-14: The East Africans: The Fastest Humans

Week 3: The Tarahumara: Born to Run

Week 4: The Okinawans: Original Fighters

So far, that’s how it looks. We will digress of course. But the number one reason for the experiment is this:

Where do you get yer protein?

Who forking cares!

We herbivores go bigger, longer, stronger, faster, and flat out better than anyone else. Except for the dopers, and they certainly don’t count here. We want a long and healthy life without kids that grow extra limbs.

Train hard, eat plants.


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Plant powered off-road triathlete
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3 Responses to Vegan Mofo Has Begun!

  1. w00t, represent! My running is fueled by plants!

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